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Tooth Gem FAQ

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How Does it Work?

The process is the same as braces, we clean the tooth, protect the enamel, and then using adhesive, we apply the crystal or gold piece of your choice.


Does it Hurt?

Not at all.  There are no drills, no holes, no pain & no problem!


Is it Super Glued On? 

NO! There is no super glue, nail glue, no more nails or gorilla glue in sight! The adhesive we use is dental grade, the same used to put your train track braces on, it completely safe!


How Long Does it Last?

We like to recommend anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years. This will depend on your aftercare.


Is it Reversible?


Change up your gems like you would your body jewellery with no damage to your teeth. 

 Simply go to your dentist for safe removal. Just ask for a scale and polish, this painless treatment will clean your tooth and it’ll be like nothing was ever there. 


I Have Veneers, Can I Still Get One?

Unfortunately, tooth gems won’t stay very long term on veneers or false teeth, if for example, you have veneer’s on your front teeth, but not the others, we can apply them onto your natural teeth.


What Products Are Used?

 We use the best dental products on the market, genuine lead-free Swarovski crystals, 22k gold and white gold.


What If I Lose My Tooth Gem? Will I Swallow It?

In all honesty, maybe!

 But don’t stress, all the products we use are totally safe to be in your mouth, if you lose a gem, it’ll just come out the other side, if you have any product left on your tooth, you can have this removed  easily with a scale and polish at your dentist.


I'm Not Sure What I Want?

Thats no problem, book a consultation appointment!

 Our consultations are totally free and Haildenti will spend the time discussing your ideas and showing you all the available options. 



Keep up with your regular oral hygiene, brush at least twice a day, floss and make sure to still visit your hygienist.

Tooth gems won’t affect your ability to brush your teeth as your tooth is painted with a protective barrier to protect the enamel and prevent plaque build-up. Just like your braces being on for years without a problem, your gem will be the same.


We recommend switching to a soft bristle toothbrush to ensure the plastic prongs of hard brushes don’t damage your tooth gem. 


What Gold Pieces Do You Have in Stock?

We have  both solid gold and white gold. If you want something specific, send us a message and it can be ordered in just for you. 

Please check out @haildenti on instagram to see the full range.


Is Hail denti an actual Dentist?

No, Hail denti is only qualified to safely apply your tooth gems. 


Got a different question?

Please drop us a message via our contact page or you can head over to instagram and Vicki will be able to help you directly @haildenti

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