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It's been a while!

Jeezo, what a busy few weeks we have had in the shop! We have been flat out for the last while so haven't been able to keep everyone updated.

We have had a full restock of our coffee from our friends at Grain and Grind as well as our coffee mugs, just in time for the good weather disappear and the normal Scottish Stuff coming back.

We had an amazing new merch drop, along with with a restock of certain older lines, everything is available to buy on our website, so head over here and check all of our available merch.

Fiona has started her new Promo for September and October, we are offering a huge 25% off the price of your piercing with a valid, in-date, photographic student ID. You can still book in via her instagram page or via the website.

We had an awesome time at our shop opening party! So much so we forgot to take any pictures!

We are floored with how supportive everyone has been of our new shop and so glad that so many people came to say hello! We appreciate every single persons support and are so chuffed to have such supportive customers. We want to give another shoutout to St. Judes for use of their Penthouse space!

Hopefully blogs will be making a come back each week, keep your eyes peeled as something exciting is coming.........

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