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Our Talented Friends

We would like to introduce some rather talented friends of ours, who now sell their beautiful and handmade wares in our shop. We stock a small amount of what they do - we encourage you to follow and check out their work, and support your lovely local creatives.

In no particular order, we have:

@nicopaws_, deeply adorable, kawaii pastel art prints, pins, and jewellery.

£3 - 15

@100percent__thatwitch, beautiful handmade adorned ritual candles, spell kits, and incense. £2 - 15 (bundle deals available)

@seanias, illustrative queer art prints. £9 - 20

@bingbongmail, charity greeting cards (supporting Cancer Support Scotland) £3

@_pieinthesky_, dark humour & geek culture cross stitches, £14 - 30, original framed illustrations, £15 - 30

@toohottorot, ghost tealights and spooky handmade homewares, £5 (bundle deal available)

@sinful_heart, resin trinkets, handmade jewellery, £8 - 10 (proceeds funding @sinful_heart ‘s transition)

@haunteddollstudio, hand printed lino prints, BLM artwork proceeds donated directly to BLM causes. £10 - 25 (bundle deals available)

Please note that all of the above stock is cash and collection only.

Black Abbey does not take any commission from these artists, meaning they keep 100% of their sales. No catch whatsoever - we just want to help build a lovely artist community built on mutual support, and fill our space with all kinds of wonderful work from small businesses.

Feel free to come into Black Abbey and peruse what we have in stock, every purchase results in a very, very happy creator.

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