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All prices include piercing and standard titanium jewellery

Upgrade jewellery options are available from an additional £10 per item.

Please be aware all piercings are anatomy dependent. Not all anatomy is suitable for every piercing.

Age restrictions: 

Lobe piercing available from 12yrs old with parental consent. 

Helix piercing available from 14yrs old with parental consent. 

Nose/Navel/Eyebrow/Tongue piercing from 16yrs old with parental consent

All ear piercing from 16yrs old

All other piercing from 18yrs old

All appointments require a valid photo ID

When parental consent is required, Parent must be present with a valid photo ID 

Check Up

  • Free

We offer a free check up on all piercings, even if we didn't pierce you. 

Please be aware new jewellery and a jewellery processing fee may apply.

Jewellery Change

  • £5 processing / fitting fee

  • £5 - £15 -  standard TI jewellery

  • From £10 upgrades

We advise all our clients to return for a jewellery check up and change down. You will be charged for any new jewellery. 

Jewellery Removal

  • £10 - jewellery removal / retirement.  


  • £20 -  dermal anchor removal (max 3)

Lobe Piercing

  • Single lobe - £25 

  • Pair of lobes - £40

  • Tandem lobes*  - £60 

  • Helix - £30

  • Forward helix - £30

  • Flat - £30

  • Rook - £30

  • Tragus - £30

  • Anti tragus - £30

  • Daith - £30

  • Conch - £30

  • Industrial - £50

Lobe piercing is available from 12 years old.

Helix piercing is available from 14 years old.

Parental consent is required for both Lobe and Helix piercing if under 16yrs old.

Parent must present, give written consent and have a valid photo ID. 

* Tandem piercing includes a variety of jewellery options. Ideal for nervous or younger clients, both our piercers will perform your lobe piercing at the same time. Please get in touch for more information on this service. 

Facial  Piercing

  • Eyebrow - £30

  • Nose - £30

  • Septum - £40

  • Bridge - £50

  • Lip - all placements - £40

  • Tongue - £40

Body Piercing / Other

  • Nipple £40

  • Navel - £30

  • Dermal anchor - £40

  • Surface piercing - £60

Monthly Piercing offer

Price -  discounted 

Each month we bring you a new piercing offer. 

Offers will run for the duration of the month.

The monthly offer will include : 

* your new piercing

* standard titanium jewellery

* a selection of upgrade options

Piercer Training

Our piercers are constantly trying to improve their skills. During these times piercings may be offered at a discounted rate while the training piercer gains more experience. 



If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please get in touch

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