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We can't believe its now been 2 full weeks since we opened our doors to you all! Everyone is thrilled seeing old clients for the first time in what feels like forever, along with some new faces too. We are overwhelmed with the support our congregation has continued to give us.

Pauline has had a great week working out of our pop-up at Infinite Ink in Hamilton, check out some of her favourite piercings of the week:


Fiona has been busy too, carrying out a while host of different procedures, from doing new tattoos, to removing old ones and everything in between! She did this amazing lash line enhancement, scroll to see the before picture, healed after 1 session!

To top her own week off, Fiona got a new conch piercing done by Pauline using a beautiful black statement gem, as well as some old lobe piercings reopened with some very dainty gems.

Pauline, of course, opting for a more colourful approach (we even call these colours “the Pauline Palette”), got a stacked lobe and a beautiful new pink sparkly conch piercing done by Fiona.

All jewellery used here is @neometaljewelry

This is called “ear curating” - because why should tattooists get all the fun with projects? Fiona and Pauline are working on being able to help you achieve your statement piercing dreams - with their expertise, passion, and access to numerous high quality body jewellery suppliers from around the world, they can collaborate with you to make your boldest piercing ideas a reality.Keep watching - and for more info, feel free to contact @pm_piercing or @fionathomsonstudio directly.

Don't forget about this month's piercing promos which are still on-going in Hamilton, which is conch piercings for only £15 including standard titanium jewellery and some gorgeous flower attachments available as an upgrade for only £15 (these are normally £25 each and limited in number). These offers are running right up to 31st May.


We want to congratulate all of our raffle winners once more, in case you missed it, here are the lucky winners once more:

First prize (£100 Black Abbey voucher, “Samy” hoody, Cera Monstro YHWH reed diffuser & stickers) - No. 47, @kelly.haunteddoll!

Second prize (£50 Black Abbey voucher, Cera Monstro Zealot or Heathen candle, & stickers) - No. 6, @ceincharlesworth!

Third prize (£25 Black Abbey voucher, Cera Monstro "Burning Boaby" candle, & stickers) - No. 43, @heyitssazz!

Thank you so much to everybody who participated - we’ll be doing more Black Abbey raffles in future, so keep watching for more chances to win heavenly prizes.


Here are some of Sara's favourites over the last 2 weeks. She has been working her socks off, keeping up with all of her wonderful clients and their even better ideas which Sara is always able to bring to life.

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