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How to book in with Fiona Thomson

Fiona offers a wide range of services, she has a convenient booking app for most of them. Heres how to book in for everything.

Body Piercing

All piercing services can be booked via our online booking app. You will find information about each piercing, pricing and be able to see all Fiona's availability.

Once you book you will get an email or text to confirm your appointment details and be sent over your aftercare information.

A deposit is required when making a booking. This is normally 40% of the piercing cost.

Upgrade jewellery options are available to choose in the studio at the time of appointment, with prices starting at £10 per piece.

We recommend NeilMed piercing aftercare spray, which you can pick up in the studio at your appointment.

Unsure on what to book or have some piercing questions? drop Fiona a DM on instagram or an email

Cosmetic tattooing services

The majority of our cosmetic tattooing services can be booked over on the app.

Fiona does recommend a consultation for new clients before booking, and for some services a patch test is recommended. All services details and availability are shown on the booking app.

For scalp micropigmentation and hair density treatments a full consultation is required. You can contact Fiona via email for this

Fiona offers a free breast cancer survivor clinic each year. This is a completely free areola reconstructive tattooing service. If you would like more information or would like to be added to the list for this, please email Fiona directly

A deposit is required for all treatments. This is usually 40% of the total cost.


Tattoo enquiries can always be made via instagram DM , tattoo enquiry form or via email to

Fiona also has a select range of tattoo designs you can book online via our booking app.

Get what you get: Fiona's current GWYG is floral stamps they can be booked HERE

Fiona also has a range of traditional florals available to book HERE

A deposit is required to book and your appointment is not confirmed until this has been paid. Deposits are 40% of the total tattoo cost.

Tattoo Removal

All tattoo removal services require a consultation and patch test. You can book those HERE via our booking app.

Once you have done a full consult and patch test you will then be able to make your bookings online via the booking app. This way you can see all Fiona's availability and work round your own schedule.

Laser tattoo removal costs are £50 - £150 per session. You will be given a price for your removal per session.

Multi booking discounts are available when you block book sessions. Pricing will depend on the individual tattoo and will include 1 free session. please email for more information on block booking.

Saline removal is priced at £100 - £200 per session. This is primarily recommended for cosmetic tattoo removal but can be used for traditional tattoos as well.


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