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Its been a while!

Its been a minute since we last did a blog post, there is a lot to catch you up on!

First up, our spring equinox merch drop. We have 5 new pieces available on presale, live now on our web store

We have four new t-shirt designs by our FT resident artists,

“Ko-Omote,” inspired by traditional Japanese Noh theatre masks - a full oversized black and red back print, striking against a white t shirt, and of course - our sigil omamori on the left chest by Fiona Thomson

“Sinnin’ & Grinnin’” features a bold colourful oversized back print, with a coordinating red Sigil on the left chest by Ross Grant

Adding a much needed flourish of colour to our spring solstice drop. “Blessed” is designed by Craig Storry Featuring an oversized stylised back print, with our Sigil on the left side

Sara felt it was a bit overdue that Black Abbey has their own black metal inspired design, and she was happy to right that wrong. “Black Metal” features a full chest black metal inspired Black Abbey design by Sara Gallacher

You may have seen the staff of Black Abbey wearing this design already, but we are excited to share our Sigil tracksuit with you all.

High quality, comfortable, with a zip front, and a satisfyingly deep hood, pockets, featuring the Black Abbey sigil on the left chest, and an oversized full back sigil. For the first time ever, we now have coordinating trackie bottoms as a set, with the same luxurious comfort, also featuring our sigil.

We are excited to have Fopk, meltingbody_ink, back with us just now.

They are fully booked for this visit but you can get yourself added to their Glasgow waiting list, just head over to instagram and drop them a DM

Head over to our guest artist page to see who's coming to Black Abbey in the next few months, as always, please contact the artists directly to get information on booking /appointments during their time with us.

Piercing promos are back!

Until the 30th of April we have Nostril piercings for just £15. This includes nostril piercing only. It will be a stud only option, we are not offering a ring, with 3 pieces of standard jewellery to choose from.

We also have a jewellery promo running along side our piercing offer, You can upgrade your jewellery to an opal gem for just £5. We have 3 colours to choose from, White, purple and peacock blue.

As always, we have a large range of upgrade options which can be used for all fresh piercings. these start from £10 each.

Our lovely junior, Megan Cashin, is now offering a small selecition of piercings.

These will be offered at a discounted rate of £20.

Megan will be available for Lobes, Helix, Flat and Conch piercings at the moment.

There is limited availability each week but we are working on increasing this in the future.

Head over to instagram and give Megan a follow @tigerspider

Lots more to come Congregation,

Keep watching

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