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We are excited to be able to offer all procedures again at Black Abbey, with under-mask services now available again, and Fiona leapt at the chance to do some of her favourites again, see the gallery below for some of what she has been up to this week, including the amazing set of Faux Freckles.

Whilst Fiona and all of her customers love the freckles she has done, faux freckles have had quite a few haters over the years, their fresh appearance can be red, a little swollen and occasionally angry looking.

But they heal around 40% lighter and settle into the skin to give a lovely sun kissed look.

Faux freckles can be done with a tattoo machine or hand poked depending on the desired outcome.

Freckles are Fiona's absolute favourite procedure, she will be posting more images of fresh and healed tattooed freckled, if its not your thing please don't leave unpleasant comments just scroll past.

If you are interested in getting some or more info, drop her a DM ❤

Fiona has always loved gold jewellery and the Black Abbey's jewellery cabinets are full of the most amazing pieces from some incredible brands. Check out Fiona's blog post to see a full list of available brands and how to order.

Everything you see here can be fitted at the time of your piercing, so you can heal your new piercing with your dream piece of jewellery, rather than the something plain.

This is all thanks to some of the state of the art sterilisation equipment we have at Black Abbey from Enbios, so everything needed for your appointment is sterilised right in front of you.

Fiona and Pauline are big fans of threadless jewellery from brands like Neometal, who have an amazing range of jewellery available, all of which we can custom order in for you, our next order will be placed on Wednesday 16th June so you still have a few days, Check out what they have to offer HERE and get in touch for us to order some for you!

Please be aware a 50% deposit will be required for customer jewellery orders.


Allan added some more to one of his regular clients, with some super simple, clean designs.


Sara loves to help clients to cover up some of their old, unwanted tattoos and this week had a brilliant opportunity with the huge coverup. The results are amazing, and you wouldn't even know it was a cover-up! Swipe to see the original, and how she covered it.


Ross got to show off his abilities this week by doing 2 totally different styles of portraits, but each just as recognisable as the other. See how he managed to pull it off below. He loves doing black and grey portraits in a range of styles, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you are after a portrait with or without a twist!


Lastly, we are so excited to offer our new range of merchandise! We have teamed up with our good friends at S.K Works Studio to bring you all a range of handmade, leather accessories. These card holders, coin purses and key-rings are all available to buy now! To order yours, check our webstore here!

All of the items we have available are:

  • Made from beautiful British vegetable tanned leather.

  • Hand Screen Printed with a bold geometric design using waterbased eco friendly inks.

  • Features a simple solid brass Sam Browne closure stud, or a gold plated ring-loop.

There’s enough room for a number of cards, notes and a few coins, if like us you like to travel small and hate having a giant wallet to cart around. We don’t recommend using the card wallet solely for coins, check out our Tri Coin Holder for carrying your coins in style.

This little guy fits nicely in your pocket or takes up minimal room in your bag.

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