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Summer is here...

We are so thrilled with the change in restrictions with regards to under mask services! This means that we are now able to perform our full range of services again. These include:

  • Full colour lip and lip blush cosmetic tattooing

  • Oral Tattooing

  • Tongue Piercing

  • Nostril Piercing

  • Septum Piercing

  • Lip Piercings.

Allan had his official first day working with us on Saturday and knocked out a pair of super clean tattoos, which you can see below.

If you would like to be tattooed by Allan you can contact him via his instagram, or drop us a message.

The time is nearly upon us for our next monthly piercing promo!

For the whole month of June, you will be able to get Nipple Piercings for just £15, which includes standard titanium jewellery. Jewellery upgrades are always available from just £10, so make sure to see what options are available to you at the time of your piercing!

The girls are also offering a jewellery promo to run along side this months offer, Opal beads will be just £10 or £15 for the pair.

You may remember a short while ago, Ross ran a competition on his instagram that was "comment your tattoo idea and the most amusing to himself wins it for free', the more obscene and ridiculous the better?” Well please stand for your winner @catcalledtravis, who recently claimed his prize - the legendary “HE-MANgina.” It’s safe to say that Ross definitely took a great deal of artistic liberty with this design, and enjoyed every second. Let us know in the comments if @ross_grant_black_abbey should run another competition like this, and if you would be bold enough to participate.

Sara started her week with this cracking Cover-up, swipe to see what she covered up! Having a bad tattoo isn't necessarily for life, cover-up options are almost always available, made much more possible with laser tattoo removal, which we also offer in Black Abbey. If you want something removed or covered-up, send us a message and we can advise you in greater detail.

Fiona and her customer went full bling for reopening an old tragus piercing with this beaut, a bezel set CZ swarovski square from @junipurrjewelry, as well as adding a new helix piercing, using a champagne CZ prong from @neometaljewelry.

Thanks to everyone who came in this week, we are loving being back to work.

Head over to Fiona's website for booking enquiries and to get the full guide to booking in for under mask piercings and tattooing here.

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