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Things take time

Undertaking a full sleeve is not a simple decision, and is a big commitment from both the client and the artist. The most important thing is patience, right from design to aftercare, in order for you to get the best results you can.

Sara recently finished this amazing Alice in Wonderland themed sleeve, using original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, and mostly free handing everything else, it's clear to see that patience has paid off. Two years in the making (much longer than usual thanks to a slight pandemic), Lucy has been so committed to this. She sat like a rock, didn’t even really seem to notice the pain and took her time with aftercare.


Alan had another great week, doing lots of exactly the type of stuff he loves to do, these are his favourites of the week.


We want to talk to you about the services we offer, starting with Body piercing.

We touched on this a few blogs back and want to take the time to go into a little more detail on what we offer, why our prices are what they are and what exactly are you getting.

Our piercing service is available in Black Abbey, Glasgow, and at our pop up in Infinite ink. We have 2 piercers, Fiona and Pauline, with our piercing assistant Rob, rounding out the team.

We have always aimed to cater to every budget without compromising standards. A good quality piercing with beautiful jewellery should be accessible to everyone.

Your piercing price includes your piercing and a standard titanium piece of jewellery. It also includes aftercare, a free downsize and as many check ups as you might need.

We have jewellery upgrade options available from as little as £5 and some of the worlds finest jewellery makers at the higher end of the pricing scale. Your dream piece isn’t out of reach, you can reserve a piece with a small deposit and pay it up in instalments.

We offer a monthly piercing offer, a different piercing is discounted each month without dropping the standard. This year we introduced a monthly jewellery promotion which runs along side the piercing offer.

Fiona has a full blog post all about why we do what we do with regards to our piercings, so make sure to check out the full post here!

Fiona has been a piercer for 20 years, in the past 2 years she has been sharing her vast knowledge with Pauline. Learning doesn’t stop when your apprenticeship ends, in fact quite the opposite.

Fiona and Pauline are constantly researching new techniques and equipment to make sure we are offering the very best to our clients. We regularly take part in online courses and webinars, or discuss things with other piercers.

While first aid training is essential, within the UK knowledge of blood borne pathogens isn’t. This is something we do not agree with and make sure we are up to date with these courses.

It is important to be open to learning, years of service are meaningless if you do not continue with education and growth. Body piercing is an ever evolving field of work and w e are very lucky to have access to courses from peers in all aspects of our industry.

Don't forget about this months promotions from Fiona! Nipple piercings are just £15 and these opal beauties are also just £15 a pair 🥳


Ross has had another busy week, and is doing well catching up with his DM's and enquiry's. If you haven't heard from him, get in touch and he will get back to you as soon as he can! He also drew his Beatson Raffle winner this week, so congratulations to the lucky winner, and we hope to see you in the studio soon!


We have been patiently waiting for our own reasons this week, we have some amazing new window graphics arriving (hopefully) soon and we can't wait to show them off when they finally arrive!

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