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A picture is worth 1000 words

It has been another super busy week at Black Abbey, and we are loving being back at work and feeling like everything is in full wing after so long in Lockdown!

Laser Tattoo removal by Fiona Thomson in Glasgow
Faux Freckle tattoos by Fiona Thomson in Glasgow

Sara Gallacher leaf cover up tattoo in Glasgow

Sara Gallacher cover up tattoo in Glasgow

Bird Tattoo by Ross Grant, Glasgow

Scorpion tattoo by Ross Grant in Glasgow

Black and Grey centipede tattoo by Ross Grant in Glasgow

Gold and Neometal Jewellery from Black Abbey Glasgow

In other news, our wonderful Black Abbey gate keeper, Rob, will be heading off to start a new job doing his real life work next week.

Although we know he’s been enjoyed being back in a tattoo shop again, we know he’s looking forward to getting back to his real day job and will be glad to get some peace from us!!

With Rob away we have enlisted the help of our good friend Tony.

Tony has been helping in Black Abbey since the day we got the keys and we could not be happier to have him join the team officially :)

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