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Savings to be had

Ross had a great full day session on one of his regular customers during the week, and check out how much he achieved in just one day.

Day sessions are a great way for you to get large pieces or make great progress on huge pieces, whilst saving money at the same time! A full day in the shop is from 11am-6pm.

He has also decided to run another disgusting creation competition! We all know how that turned out last time so we are all very excited to see what comes next!

To enter, check out his instagram post, and head over to his instagram story to enter. Don't enter if you can't commit!


A new month means a new piercing promo with Fiona! For the whole month of July all

helix piercings will be £15 including standard Titanium jewellery. This will be stud only option with a choice of 3 top styles from our classic range.

As always, jewellery can be upgraded, this month from as little as £5!

All single opal ends are on offer at just £5 this month to coincide with new piercing promo.

Helix piercing will include standard helix, forward helix and flat piercings. Both offers are exclusively in black abbey and will run from July 1st - 31st Bookings can be made via Dm @fionathomsonstudio or via our booking app.

Black Abbey has a huge range of solid gold jewellery available, which can be fitted right onto your new piercing! They aren't as expensive as you think with prices starting at as little as £40.

Buying a dream piece is something we think should be an option for everyone. See something you like in the studio or online? You can reserve a piece with a small deposit so you don't have to pay the full amount at once!

Check out this Medusa piercing Fiona did this week using a brand new piece of solid gold Junipurr jewellery, the southern belle.


Sara had a very nature-filled week, which is one of her ideal weeks, check out what she did below! Again, day sessions are available to give you some savings whilst getting exactly what you want.

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