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The numbers are in!

Good evening Congregation,

With your help, we raised a whopping £1475 for @giveadogabonecharity!

Thank you so much to everybody for taking part, for getting tattooed, pierced, buying jewellery, donating, buying prints, playing lucky dip, and bringing us treats yesterday!

We’re very pleased with the result and it will all be donated directly to the kind hearts of @giveadogabonecharity. We thank Louise and her team for their help and enthusiasm, and remember your continued support helps them to make differences to the lives of vulnerable people in our community, as well as finding furry friends their happy ever after.

A very well done to @ross_grant_black_abbey, working so hard he forgot to take photos!

Awesome work from @fionathomsonstudio, who still has 3 pieces doggy themed jewellery available at £75, including piercing. These pieces will be available until the end of the year, the money raised from their sale will be passed on to GADAB.

Many of you will know @spookyboytattoos from our old studio flash days, where he worked his socks off helping out with set ups, running events and instagram take overs, but this was his first one as a tattooist and he smashed it!

Last but not least, well done to @techno_hexe who also smashed his first ever flash day.

Well done for working so hard yesterday, and special thank you to our gatekeeper Tony for running the whole day so smoothly.

There are a few prints, designed by @sararabbit, left on our webstore and in the studio.

Prints will be available until they sell out and we will continue to donate the proceeds to GADAB.

Our donate link is still in our linktree in our instagram bio and will remain here until the end of the year, every little helps.

You can also check out for more information about the amazing work they do. Please take the time to follow them and read their stories.

Thank you again, congregation.

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