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Cera Monstro for Black Abbey

introducing our very own opulent candle and reed diffuser range, homemade by Cera Monstro exclusively for Black Abbey.

The candles represent duality, the dark and the light, the above and below, solve and coagula, and are called Zealot and Heathen.

Zealot is for the pious and the virtuous, a shimmering glorious gold, a heavenly concoction of sweet mandarin, divine jasmine, and angelic whispers of sandalwood and musk.

Heathen is for the wild and untamed, the infidels, dark as smoke for those who dance around fires, honouring the old gods in the sweet night air with the scent of burning white patchouli.

Next up we have the YHWH Reed diffuser.

The herbal and lightly citrus scent of bergamot is slowly diffused through the air, creating a lingering spirit reminiscent of Earl Grey tea. A perfect option for those who prefer their home scents to be more subtle than overpowering, but long lasting.

Our diffusers are also visually appealing, with it’s black matt glass jar featuring the Black Abbey seal, and black diffuser reeds.

Both candles are available in their own crystal jars for £25 each, which also includes a full refill for only £10.

Reed diffusers are available for £20 each, contained in a Black Abbey box

Both candles and diffusers are currently only available by studio collection,

Buy and reserve yours now through our online store.


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