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Sacred Hearts Club Charity Raffle

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

(artwork by @mean_jean_darlene raffle organiser)

Good Evening Congregation,

We are very pleased to be part of the latest Sacred Hearts art Club charity raffle.

This Raffle is in aid of charities supporting victims of domestic abuse. All money made from the tickets will be split between two charities - one being GALOP, which supports LGBTQ+ victims of domestic abuse and the other Survivors Art Community, helping victims through creating art.

With 45 prizes to be won, prizes are split into 3 separate bundles - a main bundle, a 2nd bundle and a Glasgow local bundle!

The main prize bundle and runner up bundle will be UK wide but one is focused on entrants from Glasgow as the prizes are focused on being a Glasgow local.

Our prize consists of all 3 of our charity print cards, one of our charity Cera Monstro candles, a Black Abbey tote, an Imbolc sticker pack, Cera Monstro sticker and our limited edition charity sticker.

All tickets are priced at £5 and there is no limit on how many times you enter.

Please head over to @sacredheartsartclub for all the details and to keep up to date on everything they do.

TO ENTER - Please send your ticket money over via PayPal to and add ‘raffle’ as your note. If you wish to be added to the glasg raffle, just add glasg to your note, so I know to include you in the running for that prize! The raffle will be drawn on 4th April at 9pm.

Be as generous as possible, it’s for two amazing causes who deserve all the cash they can get!

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